AusVipex 2020 Suatralian One-frame Exhibition

AusVipex 2020 – Australian National Virtual One-frame Stamp Exhibition

AusVipex is an Australian National  virtual One-frame stamp Exhibition organized by the Australian Philatelic Federation. This exhibition is a response to the cancellation of a number of exhibitions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One-frame entries (16 standard pages or equivalent in larger page sizes) will be accepted as scans in PDF form. Entries will be judged on the scans by judges in the usual way and awards, medals and prizes awarded according to standard Australian Philatelic Exhibition rules.

The exhibition is open to residents of Australia and New Zealand only.

Entries close 30 Sept 2020

Scans by: 20 Oct 2020 (but can be sent anytime up till then)

All entries displayed progressively on website:  20 Oct –  31 Oct

All Entries on Display: by 1 Nov 2020

Results finalized by: 7 Nov 2020

Feedback to Exhibitors: from 8 Nov 2020 by Zoom Video Conference.

Classes Available

Entries of 16 standard sheets or equivalent in larger pages sizes are acceptable. These include traditional, postal history, postal stationery, picture postcards, revenues, thematic, aero, astro, polar, topical, frugal.

The Australian virtual One-frame stamp Exhibition is organised by the Australian Philatelic Federation

The APF hopes this will go some way towards filling the Exhibition vacuum caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic