AusVipex 2020 virtual one-frame exhibition


Using the Exhibits List

67 Ausvipex exhibits are listed below.  The search box can be used to find an exhibit number, exhibitor’s name or exhibit title. The up/down arrows next to the headings in the exhibits table can also be used to sort the list. For example, clicking the small arrow next to the Entry  No column will sort the column based on the Entry  number, etc

We plan to show exhibits progressively from 17 October and will display all exhibits by 1 November. Exhibits will be retained on our website until the end of December.

Results will be available at the end of the first week in November.

Viewing Exhibits

There is a separate page for each.  Thumbnail images of each exhibit sheet are displayed. Clicking any one of these brings up a full-screen image and these can be scrolled using arrows at each side of the page. To click out of the display, there is a cross at the top-right.

Its possible to remove the page number at the bottom of each page by clicking the cross at the right side of the overlay – bottom right.

SurnameGiven NameEntry NoClassTitle
BlinmanMichael38Postal StationeryNSW embossed Stationery 1838 - 50
BodleyElspeth19TraditionalBritish Forces in Egypt 1932-1940
BoylanRussell52TraditionalSt. Vincent - The UPU Specimens 1886-1947
BradleyDavid9Aerophilately1930s Airmail of Mozambique Company
BrowneStephen56Postal HistoryThe Postal History of Van Diemen's Land to 1825
BurkeSean54OpenRhodesian Penny Double Head – fiscally used 
BurkeSean53Picture Postcard Early Postcards Published by the Barotseland (Zambeze) Mission by Paris Missionary Society
ChequerGaye and Graeme4TopicalCattleya Orchids
ChittyLindsay5Postal HistoryM.V. Gripsholm Mail, Diplomatic Exchange Vessel, Far East WW II
ChristensenMichael39OpenNew Zealand 1990
ClarkBill66TraditionalSix Pence Stamps of Victoria 1860 to1863
CollettDebra15TopicalGrapes – Food, Fermented and Figurative
CurtisTony60Postal HistoryInscribed F.C.T. & Federal Territory Postmarks 1925 -1940
CurtisTony61Postal HistoryNSW Receiving Offices 1875 - 1930
CurtisTony62Postal History Transition to a Capital - Postmarks of Australia's Federal Capital Territory 1850 - 1925
DiserioMark55Postal HistoryA Gift from Australia
ElsmoreDave1RevenueVictoria 5/- Typographic Stamp Duty
ElsmoreDave10RevenueQueensland Tramway Parcel Stamps
ElsmoreDave11RevenueQueensland 1866-1894 Impressed Duty
ElsmoreDave13RevenueQueensland Parcel Carrier Receipts
FiggDavid8Picture PostcardsThe Hoboken Docks Fire 1900
FiggDavid12Picture PostcardsThe Adelaide Hills Railway Viaduct
FiggDavid14Picture PostcardsCircular Quay, Hub of Sydney
GarrickAnn44TopicalSoil Science Congress & World Medical Association Assembly
GendekMarilyn35Open Mental Illness: An Illustrated History
GendekMarilyn37Open The Scottish Women's Hospital Royaumont 1914-1918
GendekMarilyn36Picture Postcards Napoleon : Exile, Death, Resurrection
GIBSONR A (Bob)67Traditional'BERLIN STALINALLEE', 1953-1961, Deutsche Demokratische Republik
GlendenningRobert21Postal HistoryCanberra to the Capital
GosseThomas (Tom)57TraditonalKing George VI Large Key Type Revenue and Postage High Value Stamps 1937-1953
GouldAndrew23TraditionalThe New Zealand Chalon Paper Fold Variety
GouldAndrew33TraditionalThe New Zealand Chalon Overlap Variety
GriffinTony63First Day CoversExcelsior 1970 National Development First Day Covers
GriffinTony64Postal HistoryLetter Rates in Papua 1916 to 1932
HaynesBruce3Postal HistoryCOVID 19 Impact on Incoming Western Australian Mail: Jan - Jun 2020
HowardJames26Postal HistoryCivil censorship of Brunei mail 1939 - 42
KennawayTimothy59Postal HistorySouth Vietnam Ordinary Letter Postal Rates 1967-71
KwanPatrick40Postal HistoryAspects of Philatelic Trade in Mauritius 1885-1915
LaidlerGregory24Postal History The Life and Career of William Riddell Birdwood
LingChung H6Postal HistoryJapanese Occupation of British Borneo 1942-45
LingChung H7Postal HistoryLiberation of Occupied British Borneo June ~ October 1945
Lower Harry25Traditional1d Green Letterpress Stamps of South Australia
MarshallRoss48Postal HistoryPoland Judicial mail
MarshallRoss51Postal HistoryRussian mail to Britain "via Hamburg"
MarshallRoss46TraditionalPoland Postage Due, Plate study of 4-value of 1919
MarshallRoss47TraditionalPoland Postage Due, Plate study of 2-value of 1919
MarshallRoss49TraditionalPoland Postage Due, Plate study of 30-value of 1919
MarshallRoss50TraditionalPoland First Official Stamp issues 1920
Monk A.P.R.Gordon22TraditionalA Study of the Australian KGV 1d Die 3 Issue
RadnellVera65OpenThe Language of Falconry
SagerPaula42TraditionalThe Perkins Bacon 5d Diadem Stamp of New South Wales
SAUNDERSDIANNE16PolarDogs in Antarctica 1901 - 2015
SchofieldTim58Postal HistoryRegistered Mail in the Moreton Bay District of New South Wales to 1859
ShattenAllen2Postal StationeryTasmania - Unframed Queen Victoria Postcards
ShawJim27Traditional VICTORIA - halfpenny .“Bantam” - Stamps, Stationery and Usages
ShawleyJohn29Postal HistoryMauritius Outward Mail 1840-1850
SmithDingle17Picture Postcards'Tally me Banana'. The rise of the Jamaican banana industry
SparksKen34FrugalPostage Charges Calculator Labels and Predecessors: from TIM to PCC
TennantDouglas18aerophilatelyUlm's July 1934 Air Mail from New Zealand
TiernanJon28RevenueTasmanian Beer Duty Stamps 1880 - 1902
TiernanJon30TraditionalSouth Australia Railway Parcel / Freight Stamps 1885 - 1966
TinneyJohn31Picture PostcardsTouring Britain with Besley
TinneyJohn32Postal HistoryThe Early Postal Cards - Bohemia
TozerPeter43Postal StationeryThe Small 18 Cent Australian Embossed Pre-stamped Envelope: A Preliminary Study
WatsonBob68Postal HistoryLetters from New Zealand to the USA in the Nineteenth Century
Wotherspoon Geoffrey20Traditional KGV 4d Empirical Research
XavierPaul Anthony41TraditionalFiji First and Second South Pacific Games Issues